Walking Tours

Juneau, Alaska

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Our tours are great for solo travelers, groups and families of all ages!

What Juneau Guided Tours excels at is small-scale walking tours, done with passion. These are not common tours, so lace up those sneakers and get ready for a new breed of walking tours that will show you a different side of Juneau. Bring this uniquely beautiful and historically rich city within your reach. Experience it for yourself with a local!

Walking Tours!

Ghosts & Gold: Looking for spirits of a different kind? Take a step back and discover the haunted history of Juneau and what it was like during the gold rush era on this 3.5 hour tour.

Capital City Sights: Scratch deeper under Juneau’s surface. Though several competing tour companies lead visitors past the State Capital Building, Russian Orthodox Church and House of Wickersham, few take you in and through with the story telling skills of our guides.

Private Walking Tour: A tour curated to your preferences and interests, this is a seriously professional private tour. Our Alaskan grown guides are history buffs with with a passion for flair and fun. Click here to discover some of the locals favorite downtown spots to create your custom tour.

Why Juneau Guided Tours?

Juneau has been the heart of Alaska since the early 1800’s. Walk the streets for yourself and discover why with a local knowledgeable guide. We are locally operated and dedicated to providing historically rich, unique walking tours. Local guides weave a narrative of Juneau’s history, from the gold rush era to being the modern capital of Alaska.

Savor Slow Travel

Walking the streets, you’ll experience places four-wheeled travelers will never know existed: hidden alleyways, dirt paths snaking through the woods, and, if you’re lucky, a wildlife that would have otherwise been missed.

Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist

We believe travel should be about being in a place, not just passing through it. And there’s no better way to engage with a new land and culture than from the bike saddle. It’s more about the journey than the destination.

Experience Juneau—Intimately

We believe travel should be about being in a place, not just passing through it. There’s no better way to engage with a new place than from walking the streets and paths of the locals. Get out from behind a windshield and really experience a Juneau.

Heighten Your Senses

On your own two feet, you can quite literally “smell the roses”, listen to the wind through the trees, and feel the contour of the terrain beneath you.

Reap the Benefits of Active Travel

Experience the beauty of being active during the day so you can give into the pleasures of good food and drink in the evenings. Feel good about yourself and the simple joys of spending time moving and breathing fresh air.

Encounter New People and Cultures

The people you meet along the way! On a walking tour, you’re not insulated and isolated in a car, boat or bus. It’s almost impossible not to make new friends and experience a new place.


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